There are guided tours only!

Tour 1 includes historical interiors of the Imperial palace and the lower floors of the Marian tower with valuable equipment of 14th to 19th centuries. (Courtier's Hall, Hall of Knights with chapel of St. Nicolas, Chapter Deanery, Royal Bedroom, Audience and Banquet Halls, Hall of Ancestors, Treasury and Jewels Hall, former castle prison). The tour is organised with guide only!

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  • this tour is available today 9.30–17.30
  • 330 (full admission) Buy ticket
  • duration 55 minutes
  • max. 55 people
  • reservation needed for groups only

Tour 2 passes through the Marian and Great towers and offers visit to the Church of Our Lady, Chapel of St. Catharine, former Sacristy, suspension wooden bridge, museum of lapidary, castle's picture gallery, library with exposition of the last reconstruction of the castle as well as the Holy Cross Chapel. (Every visitor is required to book this tour in advance)

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  • this tour is available today 9.35–17.05
  • 580 (full admission) Buy ticket
  • duration 100 minutes
  • max. 16 people
  • reservation needed

Tour includes the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the Great Tower without the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

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  • this tour is not available today
  • 260 (full admission) Buy ticket
  • duration 40 minutes
  • max. 20 people
  • reservation not necessary
  • this tour is available today 9.30–17.30
  • 80 CZK (full admission)
  • duration 30 minutes
  • max. 1 people
  • reservation not necessary