Reservations service

Reservations of the tours.

Tour I - organized groups (more than 10 visitors) have to make a reservation for their tour with Department of tourism:

Karlstejn castle

Department of reservation

267 18  Karlštejn

Tel.: +420 311 681 617


Individual visitor don´t need any reservation for the I. tour!


Tour II - The  visitors of the Tour II can make a reservation in advance on Tel. number +420 311 681 617.


The reservation fee:

for the Tour I .

20 CZK per person

for the Tour II.


Group reservation service provides prompt dealing with a group and secures the tour at the reserved time. The group needs to arrive at the castle 15 minutes before the reserved time with a reservations number from the department of reservation. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the central parking place to the castle. The tour of each of the routes lasts approx. 60 min. We ask visitors to stay with the guide during the whole tour and follow the guide´s instructions. It is prohibited to touch any exhibits, paint on the walls or damage the buildings in any other way.